earthboundrom.com, a site that is completely dedicated for the game Mother 2 also known as EarthBound. The game was released in Super Famicom (also known as SNES), Japan in 1994. EarthBound was developed by Ape and HAL and is published by Nintendo. This created a twist in the standard RPG settings of SNES. Irrespective of its age, EarthBound games comes with updates and innovation even today, which seems to be incredible and unique.

Why we are here?

We have to admit it… that EarthBound is still considered to be one of the most unique and most bizarre RPGs that remains up to date.
This site will have every detail about this game. We are trying to warp up everything you need to know about EarthBound Rom. Users suggestion and reviews are welcomed as they help us to improve our site and posts.

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